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 Artist                  Tittel           Format  Utgitt år
Abigail Mead           Full metal jacket       Singel       1987
AC/DC                  Back in black           LP           1980
                       Flick of the switch     LP           1983
                       Fly on the wall         LP           1985
                       Blow up your video      LP           1988
                       Shake your foundations  Maxi singel
                       You shook me all night lMaxi singe   1986
Accept                 Balls to the wall       LP           1983
Afrika Bambaataa       Reckless                Singel       1988
Al Di Meola            Splendido hotel         2LP          1980
                       Land of the midnight sunLP           1976
                       Elegant Gypsy           LP           1977
                       Casino                  LP           1978
                       Electric rendezvous     LP           1982
                       Tour de force           LP           1982
                       Scenario                LP           1983
                       Soaring through a dream LP           1985
Alvin Lee              Detroit diesel          LP           1986
Amazulu                Mony Mony               Singel       1987
Bacman Turner OverdriveYou ain't seen nothing yLP           1983
Bad Company            Straight shooter        LP           1974
                       Desolation angels       LP           1979
                       Fame and fortune        LP           1986
                       Dangerous age           LP           1988
                       Holy water              LP           1990
                       Good lovin' gone bad    Singel       1975
Beatmasters            Burn it up              Singel
Big Pig                Break away              Singel       1987
Billy Ocean            Tear down these walls   LP           1988
                       Get outta my dreams     Singel       1988
Blackfoot              Highway song, LIVE      LP           1982
                       Vertical smiles         LP           1984
Blue Zone              On Fire                 Singel       1987
                       Thinking about his baby Singel       1987
Bob Marley & The WailerConfrontation           LP           1983
Bob Seger and the SilveShakedown               Singel       1987
Boney M                Take the heat off me    LP
                       Love for sale           LP           1977
                       Nightflight to Venus    LP           1978
Bruce Springsteen      War                     Singel       1986
                       Tougher than the rest   Singel       1987
Bryan Ferry            In your mind            LP           1977
                       The bride stripped bare LP           1978
Cameo                  Word up                 Singel       1986
                       You make me work        Singel       1988
Charlie                Fantasy girls           LP           1976
                       Charlie                 LP           1983
Cinderella             Night songs             LP           1986
Cobra                  First strike            LP           1983
Commodores             United                  LP           1986
Communards             Don't leave me this way Singel
                       Tomorrow                Singel
Count Bishops          The count bishops       LP           1977
                       Live                    LP           1978
Cross                  Shove it                LP           1987
Cult                   Electric                LP           1987
                       Sonic temple            LP           1989
Damned                 Damned Damned Damned    LP           1977
Dan Reed network       Slam                    LP           1989
Darts                  Darts                   LP           1977
Def Lepard             Hysteria                LP           1987
Demon                  Breakout                LP           1987
Desmond Child & Rouge  Runners in the night    LP           1979
Dire Straits           Dire Straits            LP           1978
Dirty looks            Hold tight, She's on topLP
Diverse artister       Night of the guitar     2LP          1989
                       Isle of Wight           3LP
                       Children of the revoluti3LP          1991
                       The Roxy London         LP           1977
                       Ghostbusters            LP           1984
                       Do they know it's       Singel
Dokken                 Tooth and nail          LP           1984
Dominoe                Here I am               Singel       1987
Don Henley             Building the perfect beaLP           1984
Donna Summer           All systems og          LP           1987
Doors                  L. A. woman             LP           1971
Dr Feelgood            Malpractice             LP           1975
Eagles                 Hotel California        LP           1976
Eddie and the Hot Rods Teenage depression      LP           1976
                       Life on the line        LP           1977
Eddy Grant             Gimme hope Jo'anna      Singel
Elvis Costello         My aim is true          LP           1977
Elvis Presley          Moody blue              LP           1977
Errol Brown            Body rockin'            Singel       1987
                       Maya                    Singel       1988
Eurythmics             Sexcrime 1984           Singel       1984
Fastway                Fastway                 LP           1983
Fine young cannibals   The raw and the cooked  LP           1988
Firm                   The Firm                LP           1985
Foreigner              I want to know what loveSingel       1984
Free                   The Free story          2LP          1973
                       Free Live               LP           1971
Frijid Pink            End of the line         Singel       1970
Gary Moore             Corridors of power      LP           1982
Gloria Estefan         Exitos de               LP           1990
Grace Jones            Living My Life          LP           1982
Grand Funk Railroad    Live album              2LP          1970
                       Caught in the act       2LP          1975
                       On Time                 LP           1969
                       Survival                LP           1971
                       E Pluribus Funk         LP           1972
                       Phoenix                 LP           1972
                       We're an American band  LP           1973
                       All the girls in the worLP           1974
                       Shinin' on              LP           1974
                       Born to die             LP           1975
                       Good singin' good playinLP           1976
                       Grand Funk lives        LP           1981
Gregg Rolie            Gringo                  LP           1987
Hazel Dean             Who's leaving who       Singel       1988
Heart                  Bad animals             LP           1987
Hellanbach             Now hear this           LP           1982
Hunt                   The thrill of the kill  LP           1982
Icehouse               Touch the fire          Singel       1989
Israel Philharmonic    1812 Overture           LP           1985
                       Der Veuervogel          LP           1985
Jacki Graham           Step right up           Singel       1986
Jan Akkerman           From the basement       LP           1984
Janis Joplin           In concert              2LP          1972
Joni Mitchell          Blue                    LP           1971
Jellybean              The real thing          Singel       1987
Jennifer Warnes        The songs of Leonard    LP           1986
Jimi Hendrix           Live at Winterland      2LP          1987
                       Gold serie              LP
                       Jimi Hendrix            LP
                       Vol 2                   LP
                       Hendrix in the West     LP           1972
                       All along the watchtowerSingel       1968
Jimmy Barnes           Jimmy Barnes            LP           1985
                       For the working class maLP           1987
                       Freight train heart     LP           1988
                       Two fires               LP           1990
John Farnham           That's freedom          Singel       1990
John Fogerty           Centerfield             LP           1985
Jon Butcher            Wishes                  LP           1987
                       Pictures from the front LP           1989
Judas Priest           Maxi single             LP           1981
                       Freewheel burning       LP           1983
Kansas                 Song for America        LP           1975
                       Point of no return      LP           1977
Kate Bush              Lionheart               LP           1978
                       The kick inside         LP           1978
Katrina & the Waves    Katrina & the Waves     LP           1985
                       Break of hearts         LP           1989
Kim Wilde              You came                Singel       1988
King Kobra             Ready to strike         LP           1985
Kiss                   Rock and roll over      LP           1976
Krokus                 Hardware                LP           1981
Kursaal flyers         Five Live Kursaals      LP           1977
                                               Format    Utgitt år
Kym Mazelle            Useless                 Singel       1988
Led Zeppelin           III                     LP
                       IV                      LP
                       Led Zeppelin            LP           1969
                       II                      LP           1973
Leslie West            Mountain                LP
                       The grat Fatsby         LP           1975
                       The Leslie West Band    LP           1975
                       Alligator               LP           1989
Level 42               Heaven in my hands      Singel       1988
Lita Ford              Close my eyes forever   Singel       1988
London Boys            London nights           Singel       1989
Londonbeat             There's a beat going on LP           1988
                       I've been thinking aboutSingel       1990
Lou Reed               Transformer             LP           1981
                       The Blue Mask           LP           1982
Lynyrd Skynyrd         One more from the road  2LP          1976
Mama's boys            Turn it up              LP           1983
Mammoth                All the days            Singel       1987
                       Fatman                  Singel       1987
Maria Vidal            Body rock               Singel       1984
Marillion              Hooks in you            LP           1989
Michael Jackson        Dirty Diana             Singel       1987
Midnight oil           Beds are burning        Singel       1989
Milli Vanilli          Girl you know it's true Singel       1988
Mory Kante             Ye ke Ye ke             LP           1987
Motorhead              No remorse              2LP          1984
Mountain               Twin peaks              2LP          1974
                       Climbing                LP
                       Nantucket sleighride    LP
                       The best of Mountain    LP
                       Flowers of evil         LP           1971
                       Avalanche               LP           1974
                       Go for your life        LP           1985
Nazareth               Loud'n proud            LP
                       Rampant                 LP           1974
Neon Rose              Neon Rose               LP           1973
Neville Brothers       Yellow moon             LP           1989
                       Brother's keeper        LP           1990
Opp & Ned              Rappe pølser            Singel
Patti Smith            Dream Of Life           LP           1988
Phenomena              Did it all for love     Singel       1987
Philadelphia Orchestra Le Sacre Printemps      LP           1979
Pretenders, The        Pretenders              LP           1979
                       Learning To Crawl       LP           1983
                       Get Close               LP           1986
Prince                 Sign o The Times        2LP          1987
Queensryche            The warning             LP           1984
                       Rage for order          LP           1986
R.E.M                  The one I love          LP           1987
Rage                   Nice'n dirty            LP
Ramones                It's alive              2LP          1977
                       Road to ruin            LP           1978
                       End of the century      LP           1980
Ratt                   Dancing undecover       LP
                       Out of the cellar       LP           1984
                       Invasion of your privacyLP           1985
Redbone                The best of Redbone     LP
Reo Speedwagon         Hi infidelity           LP           1980
Rick Astley            Never gonna give you up Singel       1987
Roachford              Cuddly toy              Singel       1989
Robert Palmer          Heavy Nova              LP           1988
Robin Trower           Twice removed from      LP           1973
                       Live                    LP           1975
                       Long misty days         LP           1976
                       In city dreams          LP           1977
                       Victims of the fury     LP           1980
                       B.L.T                   LP           1981
                       Truce                   LP           1981
                       Back it up              LP           1983
Rods                   Wild Dogs               LP           1982
                       Live                    LP           1983
Roxy Music             For your pleasure       LP           1973
                       Stranded                LP           1973
                       Country life            LP           1974
                       Siren                   LP           1975
                       Viva                    LP           1976
                       Manifesto               LP           1979
Sammy Hagar            Piece of my heart       Singel       1981
Santana                Santana                 LP           9999
Santers                Racing time             LP           1982
                       Shot down in flames     LP           1982
Sator                  Oh mama                 Singel
S-Express              Superfly guy            Singel
Shocking blue          Live                    LP
Sinitta                Toyboy                  Singel       1987
Slack Alice            Slack Alice             LP
Spagna                 Call me                 Singel       1987
Steeleye Span          Steeleye Span           LP           1980
Steve Jones            Mercy                   LP           1987
                       Fire and gasoline       LP           1989
Steve Miller Band      Abracadabra             LP
                       Circle of love          LP
                       Gratest hits 1974-78    LP
                       Living in the 20th centuLP           1986
Stevie Wonder          Skeletons               Singel       1987
Stranglers             No more heroes          LP
Survivor               Vital signs             LP           1984
                       Too hot to sleep        LP           1988
Sylvester              Mutual attraction       LP
                       Do you wanna funk       LP           1989
Taylor Dane            Tell it to my heart     Singel       1987
Terence Trent D'arby   Introducing             LP           1987
TNT                    Knights of the new      LP           1984
                       Tell no tales           LP           1987
Tone-Loc               Loc-ed after dark       LP           1989
                       Funky cold medina       Singel       1989
Toni Childs            Union                   LP           1988
Triumph                Progressions of power   LP           1980
                       Never surrender         LP           1983
Van Den Berg           Vandenberg              LP           1982
                       Heading for a storm     LP           1983
                       Alibi                   LP           1985
Van Halen              Fair warning            LP           1981
Vladimir Pleshakov     Prokofiev, Early piano  LP           1969
Warhorse               Vulture blood           LP           1983
Was not Was            Papa was a rolling stoneLP           1990
Wendy & Lisa           Waterfall               Singel       1987
West, Bruce & Laing    Why dontcha             LP
                       Whatever turns you on   LP           1973
                       Live'n' kickin'         LP           1974
Whitesnake             Love ain't no stranger  LP           1984
Who                    Live at Leeds           LP
Y & T                  Earthshaker             LP           1981
ZZ Top                 Rio Grande mud          LP           1972
                       Tres Hombres            LP           1973
                       Fandango                LP           1975
                       Tejas                   LP           1976
                       Deguello                LP           1979
                       First album             LP           1980
                       Eliminator              LP           1983
                       Afterburner             LP           1985
                       Recycler                LP           1990
                       Sleeping bag            Singel       1981
                       Doubleback              Singel       1990